A5 temporary tattoo sheet containing 11 tattoos.


These sheets are a lot of fun for the whole family to get involved with - we all know children want to be just like the ones they look up too, and lets face it, these days the majority of us are inked up!  So have some fun with these super cool designs and 'Tat Up'!


The sheet advises on how to apply each tattoo, simply cut your chosen one out (as close to the image as possible for best result), peel off the clear film, pop the tattoo image down onto clean and dry skin, soak it (I use a flannel) and then hold for a minimum of 30 seconds.  Once the 30 seconds is up, carefully peel the paper away and leave to dry, VOILA, awesome new tattoo.


These can last for a few days, but if you want to remove ASAP you just need to soak the area (a nice bath will do the trick) and it's gone.

Temporary Tattoo Sheet - Pink

  • Made to order and dispatched via Royal Mail within 2 weeks.